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Cargo to Pakistan is the leading provider of multi-carrier cost effective national freight services designed to suit the requirements of small, medium and large businesses in Sharjah. To provide a market leading solution demands a flexible, cost effective, smart solution which can be tailored to the individual needs of its clients. Cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah is confident that this is achieved through the in-house designed advanced systems, and operationally through the supply partnerships with some of UAE’s leading freight providers.



Every aspect and type of freight can be handled through cargo to Pakistan, from overnight satchels, to carton freight, pallets, full and part loads, air freight and even international deliveries. The services section will detail specific information for each profile of freight.


Every aspect and type of freight can be handled through cargo to Pakistan, from overnight satchels, to carton freight, pallets, full and part loads, air freight and even international deliveries. The services section will detail specific information for each profile of freight.


Cost Benefits

Our Freight Services will provide customers the most cost effective method of distributing freight in Sharjah, Dubai and Ajman. The core services for our customers are cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah, Cargo from Dubai to Pakistan, cargo to Pakistan from Ajman and Air cargo to Pakistan as well. Through the volume buy rates held by us, ability to easily transact with multiple carriers, single dispatch software, and one-stop tracking, we are confident that any existing freight provider, broker, or consultant developed freight model can be reduced further to deliver greater savings.


Door to Door Rates As Per KG

Product Price
Personal Goods (used clothing, kitchen utensils, furniture) 2.50 AED/kg
Electronics (Fridge, Washing Machine, Cooking Range, Oven, Dishwasher, Dispenser) 5 AED/kg
Sofa Sets (as per weight) 7 AED/kg
Mattress (all types of mattress) 4 AED/kg
Commercial Goods (Perfumes, Garments, Spare Parts, Tyres, Industrial Machinery) 5 AED/kg
LCDs (32" to 49") 7 AED/inch
LCDs (50" to 65") 8 AED/inch
Free Pickup Facility Yes

Cargo to Pakistan Best Freight Provider

Dealing directly with one or more freight carriers will access the customer to reasonable rates, and services in line with what the selected provider is able to achieve. If more than one carrier is selected the total spend is reduced, resulting in higher rates, and it becomes a complex exercise to select and ongoing manage a range of providers.

A Managed Freight Solution by Cargo to Pakistan ensure the best possible carriers are selected, without the hassle of the process, and volume based low rates are achieved across all carriers. In addition all contract management, invoice checking, consolidated accounts, reporting and tracking is managed by Pakistan Cargo on behalf of the customer, with no additional charges.


Cargo to Pakistan from Sharjah


We cover the whole lot of Sharjah for our customers who want to send Your shipment to Pakistan from Sharjah. We offer Packing Services, Cost Estimate services and FREE PICKUP. The cost of moving is calculated according to the size of your household, so we will inspect your household (if possible) or estimate the scope according to the moving list. You tell us the work that we should do. Whether you pack yourself dismantle cupboards, dismantle the kitchen or whether we take care of it and also set it up and unpack it – right up to the turnkey move. If we have the move list you have filled out, we will immediately prepare a free estimate. From this you can easily see what your move will cost. The hourly rates for vehicle, driver and carrier are listed individually, as well as for assembly and disassembly, packing and unpacking and all additional services. If this information is sufficient for you, you can request an offer for your move by calling on the number.



Cargo to Pakistan From Dubai

We offer Free Pickup facility and Door to Door Cargo to Pakistan from Dubai at best rates with Fast delivery transit time when sending cargo. If you have gained confidence and decide on our offer for cargo to Pakistan from Dubai, we will make an appointment with you (also on Fridays). On the day of the move, a well-rested team with vehicle, blankets, lots of workaholic and entrepreneurship is at your door.


Cargo to Pakistan from Ajman

We provide cargo services from Ajman to Pakistan at the most affordable rates possible with Free Pickup and Packing services available. Estimate Services Free. Incidentally, such a move can be fun if the right people get involved and organize with commitment and routine nonchalance. Our young furniture makers have faster legs.

The earlier you set the move day, the cheaper your move will be. If we have your desired appointment in good time and your move can be combined with a second or third, you will receive NO additional charge.


Cargo to Pakistan From Abu Dhabi

We send shipment from Abu Dhabi to Pakistan of our valued customers , and it’s a Door to Door Services under one roof coupled with professional team. Today, demands have increased with sensitive, often light-colored furniture. Mattresses and upholstered furniture should also stay clean and dry, which is why we pack your furniture in environmentally friendly stretch film, which also protects against the lint of the recycled furniture blankets – this is why blankets are beaten to avoid holes in the upholstery fabric and pressure points. This method not only protects your furniture in the stairwell and outdoors, the truck can also be kept clean better. The secret lies in the packaging, which is why we do not have to report any damage to the insurance company.


Sea Freight to/from Pakistan

We offer best rates for sea freights having huge volume, also FCL, LCL, and CONSOLIDATION across Pakistan. Also, we provide Cargo Services From Pakistan to Dubai as well.


Air Freight

We offer Air Cargo Service for all shipments need to be delivered 3 to 5 days. Don’t take stress, If planning to move just make a call! Your items will be delivered safely.


cargo to pakistan

Door to Door Cargo to Pakistan cheap yet sensible

We have capable specialist for Cargo to Pakistan with expertise in packaging, loading and dismantling of furniture in Dubai. Many years of experience in the moving industry promise punctual and safe service. Transports, large and small removals, also nationwide, as well as shifting full house to Pakistan from United Arab Emirates, also possible at short notice through careful planning.


Moving packaging such as Clothes and moving boxes are available from our end at NO price. For a comfortable Cargo Services in Dubai to Pakistan (just enjoy the move in a relaxed way), the turnkey move is offered: Just put the pictures on the wall and feel at home immediately.


Among other things, this moving work is also offered by our moving professionals from Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi with comprehensive service (if desired):


Packing all items in the old and unpacking in the new domicile


Safe and timely transport of the removal goods


Dismantling and rebuilding of all furniture and cabinets


Assembly of large electrical devices


Interim storage


Pakistan Cargo Services is the day-to-day business and are planned and discussed by the moving professionals as with the customer: perfectly executed.




This is an absolutely Customer Oriented company, we listen to you, because you know exactly what you want, and how you want it. We measure our success by the satisfaction of your customers. We are your competitive advantage.


Cargo to Pakistan has the flexibility to manage our operations in order to give you fully personalized service. No answering machines, no bureaucracy, only people who care, because you are our main asset, we do not forget that. And yet we have the procedures, the system, the Quality Minded people that guarantees that once you tell us what you want we give you exactly what you want, all the time.



We move faster, respond sooner and deliver more. Quality Door to Door Cargo services to Pakistan from Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman and all UAE. We offer cheap and best packers and movers services for International shifting.



We make sure to protect your cargo completely, and deliver on time anywhere in the Pakistan. Secure and stress free relocation of your Full House Shifting. You just focus on your business, we are offering professional moving experience at affordable price.


Personal Home Cargo

With authorized agents across Pakistan and wide range of network, your shipment is delivered at your door anywhere in Pakistan. Cargo to Pakistan is expert in Household moving services.




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