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We cover a wider spectrum of providing Door to Door Cargo services to Pakistan from all across the Emirates. Following is the detailed door to door services:




Dismantling of Furniture service

In the past, dismantling cupboards and other bulky pieces of furniture was a matter of course for freight forwarders, but many customers are of the opinion that kitchen dismantling and superstructures have to be done by carpenters, electricians and plumbers. Cargo to Pakistan has employees who are familiar with the systems and the work required and of course also assembles your kitchen. There are freight forwarders who advertise that they have hired carpenters to do such work. A comparative look at the hourly rates provides information: There is no carpenter working for the hourly rates of the forwarding agents. Above all, he will not work as a furniture rack during loading and unloading.



Turnkey move service

Are you afraid of moving? You can go on vacation with confidence. We bring order to every chaos and ensure that everything in the new apartment is in the right place of your (or our) choice. If you do not want anything to do with your move, we will systematically pack your books and place them in the same place on the rebuilt shelf in the new apartment; assemble your lamps, curtains, etc. When you come to the new apartment, your bed is already made, the kitchen is ready – in short, and everything is assembled and furnished again. We call this turnkey move.



Relocation service

Anyone who moves has a lot of walking from one authority to another, has to log off and log on, his family, his car etc., and the Telephone Company, gas, water and electricity suppliers, among other things, notify more. Anyone who appreciates administrative matters as little as we do, better leave it to us – for payment we overcome our aversion and do it as part of the relocation service, dealing with authorities is daily bread (and need) for freight forwarders.



The employer pays service

If your employer pays the cost of the move, it is necessary to clarify which costs the company will cover, this varies. There are companies that finance the turnkey move with a relocation service — others only pay for the transport service, while others specify exactly the scope of services. Let us know your employer’s ideas when you request a quote, this saves you having to ask questions.

Important: If you and / or your employer decide on our offer, let the employer sign the order so that you do not have to come forward. After moving, you sign us a service certificate, confirm the working hours and we settle with the employer.



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