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How to send furniture to Pakistan from UAE?

Sending furniture to Pakistan from UAE takes a lot of time if you don’t know the process. You will save a ton of time by hiring a professional cargo service provider.

You will find below the different steps in order to organize your move in the best possible way:


Visiting the furniture at home

Estimates drawn up by telephone or from a list are often a source of misunderstandings or difficulties. It is therefore desirable that a moving consultant come to your home to assess the execution conditions on site. It is always advisable to get the cargo representative visit the home first in a bid to send furniture to Pakistan from UAE.

During this visit, he notably identifies furniture which presents difficulties of disassembly, movement or reassembly (table base, cupboard, piano, safe …) or which requires special attention (paintings, objects of art…).

For your part, tell the moving consultant what exactly you want, whether you plan to pack or dismantle certain objects or pieces of furniture yourself, etc.



How to send furniture to Pakistan from UAE?

On site, the advisor will be able to study the possibilities of access at the start of the move (windows, staircase climbing, elevator, access to the building, parking possibilities …) and more generally to be informed of anything that could disrupt the smooth running of operations (market day, circulation &).

On the other hand, for the move, it is up to you to inform yourself about these same possibilities of access to the place of delivery and to notify the moving advisor.

Be aware that in the event of unreported difficulties (for example, a piece of furniture which does not “fit” in the planned staircase, or an impossibility of parking in a pedestrian street), you would expose yourself to bear additional costs of assembly. -furniture or labor.

Also remember to indicate all the storage cupboards, as well as to show the cellar, attic, garage, garden …

Finally, to organize the work of sending furniture to Pakistan from UAE as well as possible on the move, give all the information you have on the future accommodation. ; A layout diagram of the most important pieces of furniture can be very useful. Therefore, always hire exclusive company that is offering cargo services to Pakistan from Dubai at your door-step in Pakistan.


Who does what?

You must take care to have the mechanisms of electrical or electronic devices blocked by a specialist. You must also empty the freezer, defrost the refrigerator, empty the washing machine and chock its drum before transporting it.

Unless otherwise agreed, the mover does not take care of the work that is the competence of other trades: in particular, it does not ensure the removal of carpets, sinks, wall lights and, in general, everything what is attached to walls, ceilings and floors.

When leaving your home, it is useful to check with the team leader that nothing has been forgotten.


Delivery formalities

At the end of the move-in, during the contradictory visit of the premises, you are required to check the condition of your furniture with the team leader and to give the company a discharge. Signing the end of work declaration (copy D of the consignment note).

If deterioration or missing items are noted, it is in your interest to assert your complaint by including your clear, precise and detailed reservations on the end of work declaration.
In the absence of precise reservations, you would be required to provide proof that this damage existed on delivery, which may prove difficult at later stage.

After you have made your possible observations, the end of work declaration is also countersigned by the team leader, who leaves you a duplicate of the document.


 Payment for the move

The payment terms are to be negotiated with the company:
– when accepting the estimate, you pay a deposit,
– the balance is generally payable on delivery, otherwise according to the terms provided and accepted in the estimate.


 Your remedies in the event of damage

Within the limit of the values ​​declared at the time of the establishment of the estimate, the compensation is made according to the proven material damage: for example, for household appliances, the compensation is made on the basis of the value of replacement, obsolescence deducted.


In the event of a dispute with the removal company, the latter must settle it in accordance with the general conditions and special conditions appearing in the signed contract.





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