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Shipping Packing Boxes — Guide to Paking Boxes

Ship your products properly! we offer a huge variety of boxes and packing materials to ensure that any item you may have is shipped safely. Visit our site today to find the necessary shipping packing boxes and products for your shipment needs.

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We understand how much time, money and effort goes into attracting and retaining your customers – you certainly don’t want your shipment to arrive damaged! Our experience in your shoes has taught us how important it is to have the right packing supplies delivered when you need them at competitive prices. The right stuff we offer so you can find exactly what you need. And we only offer items that we have used in our own cargo services and warehouse — we know these products will perform for you because they have performed for us.



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International Shipping – Shipping Packing Boxes

WATER ACTIVATED TAPE provides a bond to corrugate cartons that is second to none. Your heavy duty jobs are best handled by fiberglass low reinforced tape — while lighter cartons are easily handled by the less expensive non-reinforced tape. Water activated tape is unaffected by heat, cold, light or humidity and works well in dusty and dirty environments. Water activated tape is recyclable and provides a strong, secure seal that cannot be broken without detection. Steel is the strongest of all strapping materials. It is recommended where high strength is necessary, low elongation is important and where cost of the product is extremely sharp or hot. Steel is sealed using mechanical seals and notch (seal less) joints. It is most commonly used in steel service shipping centers, rail car applications overseas and heavy construction applications.


Carton sealing tape is available in two varieties, pressure sensitive and water activated. Pressure sensitive tape is typically made of PVC or Polypropylene backing with acrylic, hot melt or natural rubber adhesive.


International Pressure sensitive tape is relatively shipping and international and shipping inexpensive, provides a good bond for many carton sealing applications and is easily applied international with an inexpensive tape gun. Water activated tape is constructed of Kraft paper backing shipping and sometimes includes fiberglass reinforcement. Water international activated tape requires shipping a stationary dispenser containing water to dispense the international tape and activate the adhesive, but forms shipping a superior bond when applied to corrugated cartons.



PRESSURE SENSITIVE international and shipping TAPE is also known as synthetic rubber and is typically manufactured with a polypropylene backing. Hot melt tape works well from 45-120 degrees, provides a good bond for most carton sealing applications and is the lowest cost pressure sensitive tape available. Hot melt international will yellow with time, but will do so more slowly than natural rubber tape.


Mailing Tubes great for shipping or storing maps, blueprints or other documents that are shipping best kept unfolded. We offer Kraft tubes, white tubes, snap seal tubes and international square tubes. Shipping Packing Boxes dimensions are inside dimensions and stated in the (L x W x H) sequence. Length (L) is the larger of the two dimensions. (L x W) is the measurement for shipping and international at the open top of the box. Width (W) is the smaller dimensions of the open top. The height (H) or depth is the dimension that measures the inside height or depth of the box.



Low Cost Shipping Packing Boxes

With these definitions in mind, you may review the comparison the quality of shipping packing boxes. Also, you can find which product or combination of products makes sense for your specific cargo move from anywhere in UAE to Pakistan. Product comparison of shipping packing boxes in hundreds of sizes. Variable Depth boxes give you several box sizes in one carton. Cube Boxes for low cost shipping packing boxes are very popular because of the broad application – great for shipping almost any item. Long, tall and flat box sizes are also available for more specialized sizing needs — especially when you are looking for Full house shifting to Pakistan.

Corrugated Mailing supplies Lightweight, yet strong enough to handle a wide variety of product packaging applications.



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