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What does a moving company do?


Moving companies drag furniture from A to B. However, this only describes a small part of the work of a moving company. Nowadays it is much more the case that a move requires sophisticated logistics and has to be fully planned.

For example, a moving company takes care of applying for a ban on parking at the old and new residence, ensures proper and safe packaging of the furniture and also ensures punctual and fast transport. Even if valuable antiques, works of art or a piano have to be transported, an experienced removal company has advice and, if necessary, works with a specialist. Another service provided by a moving company is the provision and return of moving boxes. A moving company can also be booked for small transports and so-called additional loads. What is meant is taking individual pieces of furniture with you, which can be done cheaply, especially on return journeys.



How to choose a moving company

A look on the Internet or in a business directory underscores the abundance of companies that all offer removals. So it is not that easy to find the right provider right away. Those who have not received any recommendations from friends or relatives can, for example, depend on the size of a moving company. If this occurs with numerous vehicles and a large number of staff, a professional provider can be assumed.



Moving Company


It goes without saying that an exact arrangement must be made in advance of a move. If a moving company makes a blanket offer without first inspecting the volume of the furniture and the location, caution should be exercised. Even today, moving is still a matter of trust and requires personal contact.

Ideally, the moving company will also provide advice and give tips on how best to pack moving boxes and which goods require special treatment. Finally, it should always be ensured that there is sufficient insurance coverage.



Complete service with Best Moving Company

Everything is done for you here: from packing the moving boxes, dismantling the furniture ready for transport, to transporting it in a moving van, to assembling and storing your belongings in your new apartment. Upon request, the moving company can even take on formalities for this service, such as applying for a no-parking zone in front of the old and / or new apartment. This option is mostly expensive, but very convenient and efficient. In addition, a moving company is always insured against damage in the event of a complete move.



Standard service

Normally, the moving company only comes into play when all of your removal goods are packed in boxes and ready to be dismantled. Here the moving company only takes on the pure transport and is only liable if the damage did not occur during or through the packaging. This variant is of course much cheaper, but packing moving boxes also takes a lot of time



Additional cargo

An additional load is understood to mean the transport of individual, particularly bulky removal goods that cannot be transported by you in an otherwise privately organized move. This option is often very cheap, as the customer rents free space in a moving van that has already been booked elsewhere. The additional cargo is one of several types of special removal services for items.

Before you make a final decision, you should take enough time to make the right choice and then talk to the moving company about any special features – as a rule, you can agree with the moving company you trust individually what the company does and what what you do yourself. In case of sending shipment from Dubai, Pakistan Cargo Dubai takes the lead in the chart of international moving companies.



Recognize reputable moving companies

Moving with a shipping company is a matter of trust. But trust is good, control is better. We’ll tell you how to recognize reputable moving companies. First check the “external appearance” of moving companies: Does the company have fixed office and storage rooms, its own vehicles and a permanent staff? Also give preference to long-established and therefore experienced moving companies. Maybe friends or acquaintances can make a recommendation? A free on-site inspection is a matter of course for serious moving companies before a definitive move offer is made. 


An employee should assess the effort and costs on the basis of an inspection of the removal goods and prepare a free and non-binding cost estimate with a precise description of the services to be provided (including ancillary services and costs). Some moving companies lure with supposedly cheap hourly or daily flat rates, which, however, usually entail additional payment demands. Therefore, always prefer a fixed price.


Tip: Fill out a list of removal items online that you can send to the removal company – so the professionals know roughly what to expect before the viewing appointment.





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